Start those legs moving and head down the path. When you reach your first intersection, tap the left end of the phone to select the left path. Tap the right end to go right. Tap twice to turn around.  Watch for animals and listen to the sounds of the world you have entered.

Slide the screen down to reveal menu options like stats. Slide the screen up to see the 3D or 2D maps.  Or select a different world.

You will soon realize that there are lots of paths and intersections.  Both 2D and 3D maps are available for you to stop and check at any time during your hike.  The 3D map is like a sattelite image. The 2D map indicates the trail names and some features. However, some features and trails are not on the map. 




There is more than one world for you to explore and you can stop and save your position at any time.  But, you can't "Beam" to a new location.  This is not a video game. You have to work to see what's on the other side of the mountain.  You can walk in place, run on a treadmill, ride a cycle or even row if you want, but you and the phone have to keep moving.

There will be dozens, and eventually hundreds, of realistic and fantasy environments. Each environment contains a variety of interesting elements, such as suspension bridges, hidden paths, caves, and paths behind waterfalls. Fantasy environments include paths in the canopy, which travel down miles of tree limbs, paths across the bottom of the ocean, and skinny mountain cliff paths.




Select the world you want to hike and cast it to your TV. With your phone in your armband start moving.  Walk  or place or on a treadmill.  You can also cycle or do anything that moves your phone.

The video illustrates how to set up Illusion Trails.

No Bugs, Heat or Snakes


Hike the world from your living room.