Illusion Trails is a fitness app. Clear the area around you and in front of your TV where you will be exercising. If you can move, you can explore all the worlds of Illusion Trails. You can use a treadmill, walk pad, or cycle. You can even just step in place. The phone reads your movement and moves you through the 3D world. 

Your phone must be secured in your armband to register your movement. You wont need to look at it during your hike but, you do need to be able to reach over and touch the left or right end to chose the trail you want to explore. 


Illusion Trails is a Hiking Simulator System. Your phone broadcasts or “CASTS” the hiking world to your TV

For Android Phones -
Switch your TV input to Chromecast, Google Cast, Smartcast or any input with the word “cast” in it.

For iPhones -
Switch your TV input to Airplay.?


You can still cast, or mirror, your Android phone or iPhone.

For Android Phones
If it isn’t already installed, install the Google Home app. Follow the instructions to mirror your device.

For iPhones
Install the Chromecast app from the Apple App Store. Follow the instructions to mirror your device.


Does your phone image appear on the TV?

If it does, Try running the Illusion Trails App again. If it works, then you simply need to mirror your phone each time before hiking. 


Nope. You can still hike too. Illusion Trails will work with a rowing machine, exercise machine, even hand weights.  If you can make your phone move, you can explore the mountains.


If your TV does not have a “cast” or Airplay input, you will need to 1) Verify your TV has an available HDMI input and, 2) Purchase and install the inexpensive Chromecast device into the HDMI connector. 3) Setup the Chromecast device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 4) Try the Illusion Trails app again. If it still doesn’t cast, You can try mirroring your phone to your TV.

Something has gone wrong and we want to help.  

To use the Illusion Trails app, you must be able to cast from the phone to the TV. If you can, try using your phone with a different TV. If the casting still doesn't work, try a different phone.

Some phones cannot process the Illusion Trails Simulation Program and a few others can but, will require a settings change.  Please send us information about your phone:

1. Verify that your Android phone is less than 3 years old. Jot down the make and Model

Verify your iPhone is less than 3 years old and running OS8 or better. Jot down the make and model.

2. Verify that your TV is on and the input is set to a “Cast” input, Airplay input OR the input where you have connected the Chromecast Device. Jot down the make and model of your TV

3. Send the info to us using the form on the CONTACT page or Contact us at Tell us exactly what went wrong (or right!) and give us the make and model of your phone and TV.

h It's not working


No Blisstering HEAT,

Freezing COLD,

Torrential RAIN,

or Mosquitos.